Student of the Month: Sophia Karl

Sophia Karl - headshotFebruary’s Student of the Month is Apprentice Company dancer Sophia Karl. Sophia is in the 10th grade at Port of Los Angeles High School, and has been dancing at San Pedro Ballet School for three years. Se has performed in San Pedro City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as a Party Scene Girl, Big Mouse, Chinese, and Snow.

San Pedro City Ballet: What is your favorite memory associated with SPCB?

Sophia Karl: My favorite memory is when all the company girls performed the Flight Attendant dance on International Dance Day in LA.

SPCB: How does dance affect other aspects of your life?

SK: Dance affects other aspects in my life by the way I learn. I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been dancing, I’ve been picking up things academically more quickly. Also with the way I act. For example, a classroom is kind of like a ballet class, where you respect the teacher and the lesson that is being taught.

SPCB: Why do you like to dance?

SK: I’ve always liked and had an interest in dance ever since I could walk. I’ve always had an interest for the movement and the way it all flows together and looks natural. I dance so I can achieve that look and also to find new ways to express emotion. Another reason is because I’ve always wanted to perform and be on stage having people look at me and show them all the things I’ve achieved.

SPCB: What is your favorite dance that you have been a part of?

SK: My favorite dance was the Can Can dance because it was full of energy and fun.

SPCB: What do you like to do in your spare time?

SK: In my spare time I like to just hang out with my friends, go the mall, movies, or out to eat. I try to always hang out with them at least one time during the weekend since I know I’ll be busy all week with dance. But I do also like spending time with my family since its always filled with love and laughter.

Congratulations, Sophia on being chosen as Student of the Month! Your hard work is really paying off.


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