March Student of the Month: Danielle Ciaramitaro

Danielle Ciaramataro - headshotMarch’s Student of the Month is Senior Company dancer Danielle (Dani) Ciaramitaro. Dani is in the 11th grade at San Pedro High School, and has been dancing at San Pedro Ballet School for eleven years. She has performed in San Pedro City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as a Mouse, Soldier,  Angel, Party Boy, Party Girl, Big Mouse, Snow, Waltz, Chinese, Reed Flutes, Spanish, Little Sugar Plum, Doll, and Snow Queen.

San Pedro City Ballet: What is your favorite memory associated with SPCB?

Dani Ciaramitaro: Every moment I’m there is my favorite moment! Just being there makes me content, and ready to take on all the moments that are to come!

SPCB: How does dance affect other aspects of your life?

DC: For me, dance does not just teach me to dance. It also teaches me self discipline, self respect, responsibility, and determination–the values people keep with them forever!

SPCB: Why do you like to dance?

DC: I like to dance for so many unexplainable reasons. It’s not only that I like it, but it’s something that I live for–the only way I know how to live. Dance is my life. Take it away from me, and I am nothing. I am alive because of it! Dance is how I live.

SPCB: What is your favorite dance that you have been a part of?

DC: So many amazing dances to choose from, but one of my favorites is one that we are working on at the moment by Patrick David Bradley. His piece appertains to 9/11 because of the 15th anniversary this year, and it’s something very emotional that I can connect with.

SPCB: What do you like to do in your spare time?

DC: In my spare time I love to sing and act, as well! I spend time working on that as well as shopping (which is my cardio), and going out with friends! Also sleeping is nice when I have the chance, and eating as well.

Congratulations, Dani on being chosen as Student of the Month! We’ve loved watching you grow into a beautiful young lady and dancer.


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