May Student of the Month: Cristina Roche

Cristina Roche - headshotMay’s Student of the Month is Apprentice Company dancer Cristina Roche. Cristina is in the 8th grade at Dana Middle School, and has been dancing at San Pedro Ballet School for eleven years. She has performed in San Pedro City Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker as a Bon Bon, Little Mouse, Little Solider, Angel, Party Scene Boy and Girl, a Big Mouse, a Big Solider, Chinese, and Snow.

San Pedro City Ballet: What is your favorite memory associated with SPCB?

Cristina Roche: I have so many amazing memories at SPCB that it’s hard to choose just one. With that said I would have to say it was my first class with Ms. Randyn. I had just moved up to the next class and I was so nervous. I remember walking in to Studio A and seeing her standing there picking music for our class. I looked around and saw the older girls, all the girls I looked up to and wanted to be like. The next thing I remember is this tall girl with light brownish-blondish hair bounce into the room. Ms. Randyn looks up from her music selection like she was expecting something. The girl exclaims, “Ms. Randyn! Ms Randyn! I saw you on the bridge!” Ms. Randyn replies,”Oh, really?” with a smile creeping onto her face. She says, “Yeah! I just looked over, while my mom was driving and I was like ‘There’s Ms. Randyn!’’ Ms. Randyn smiles. This bubbly girl I have come to know is Rhiannon Patapoff. We are very close now and I think of her like an older sister. This memory, however small to someone else, was the thing that calmed me down on that first day in a higher class. This is my favorite memory because it reminds me of all the warmness I have experienced over the years at San Pedro City Ballet from my friends, Ms. Randyn, Ms. Cindy, and Patrick.

SPCB: How does dance affect other aspects of your life?

CR: Well, I really love to dance, but it causes some long nights doing homework. I think dancing has made me an overall happier person than I would be without it. Going to the studio releases all of the stress of my day from school.

SPCB: Why do you like to dance?

CR: I love to dance because everyday there is a new challenge. Everyday, there is something I can make just a little bit better. I love dancing because it is a way to express yourself and be free. I love becoming something. As my teacher Patrick once said, “You don’t want to act in your dances. You want to BE.”

SPCB: What is your favorite dance that you have been a part of?

CR: My favorite dance I have ever participated in would have to be my intermediate modern dance ‘Dream’. It was this pretty song that is in my favorite movie and to this day I go over it sometimes in my head. Our costumes were these pretty, airy, light blue sort of dresses with sequins on the chest. I loved being in that dance because I really felt like I was connected. My second favorite dance would have to be another modern dance by Ms. Randyn. We wore white costumes and it was to a Mumford and Sons song ‘Awake My Soul’ I believe. I mentioned it because it was a close second.

SPCB: What do you like to do in your spare time?

CR: When I have spare time I like to read, listen to music, and watch tv, like my favorite tv shows ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Psych’.

Congratulations, Cristina on being chosen as Student of the Month!


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