Adrienne O’Melveny Jaffe

Adrienne_JaffeAdrienne O’Melveny Jaffe received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from USC in 2011 and currently works on the Cedars-Sinai Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. One of the founding members of the San Pedro City Ballet, she credits the fundamentals of hard work and dedication to body awareness that the San Pedro City Ballet instilled in her for directly impacting her life path for the better.
After high school, Adrienne attended the University of California, San Diego, dancing throughout her time there and training with Jean Isaacs, Thor Sutowski, and Tony Caligagan, among others. She also choreographed pieces for student productions. After college, Adrienne moved to New York with fellow SPCB member Sarah Posalski, training at the Paul Taylor Dance Company School, Dance New Amsterdam, Steps, and anywhere Stephen Petronio was teaching. Adrienne also worked for Ballet Tech in collaboration with the NYC Department of Education, auditioning elementary school children for entrance into this unique public school dance program.
During her time in New York, Adrienne became a Stott Pilates Mat certified instructor. While studying human anatomy, she became interested in physical therapy, as it combined her love of science and dance. She was inspired by years of attention to movement analysis in the dance world, which could be transferred to helping people recover from injury. She decided to continue her education in order to become a physical therapist.
Today Adrienne works primarily in the field of neurologic physical therapy, assisting individuals with motor recovery and function with a variety of diagnosis such as stroke, traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, SCI, Parkinson’s Disease, and limb loss. Adrienne is forever thankful for her early training with SPCB as she continues to use movement and movement awareness to help people recover function post-injury (she also uses her dance skills to provide endless hours of entertainment her little girl!).